Sunday, August 19, 2007

car crazy!

OK, So anyone that really knows me, knows I'm a huge car freak, especially German cars like VW, Audi etc... So I had some extra minutes this week and banged out a few cars. Not all were meant to be VW's some I just slapped the badge on at the end. But the GTI is one I intended to be a VW as I drive both an '86 GTI and an '04 Golf R32. I thought I'd take a stab at making the next gen a bit more and aggressive and less pedestrian and boxy. I also got a request from a friend to see me do a few WRC ralley inspired versions, so I'll be doing those next. But for now enjoy these few. The 'Bull car' is something I did on the fly, thought it might appeal to some mega rich Texas cattle owner somewhere...:-) The 'Sports Hybrid' is more a form study, where the motors are contained within the wheels, so there is no need for an engine compartment.
My summer travels took us to Greece, Turkey, Rome, London and Sydney...phew! It was loads of fun, but now it's back to the usual grind I have no more vacation time left :-P
OK enjoy and I'll be adding these and others to the main site soon as well.
God Bless!

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