Sunday, July 29, 2007

On a break

Hello All, thanks for all of you who have left comments or written to me. If I haven't written you back yet, please bear with me as I have been taking a break and doing some traveling off and on with my wife. This is also the reason I was not at the San Diego Comic Con this year. But I hope to be there next year in force with some of my co-workers to show our wares.
I know Tranformers has just been released in some countries, so I hope you enjoy! This is one film that I would've loved to have been in Japan to see :-) I've recieved many emails about an Art of Transformers book. I wish I had an answer, I've been in contact with Ben Procter and we're inquiring on this issue.
OK well I'll have more once I'm back at it. But for now I pray you are all well and like I've told many of you, the best practice is to just draw! draw! draw!
And if you are in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area hurry up and go see the Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit! Where I am part of a (pre-recorded) panel of WAY smarter peers talking about how science can influence movies, but also how movies have influenced science!
Ciao for now!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CG Society Profile Article!

OK, back from a much needed break. One big bit of news is CG Society just posted a very nice article about the work on Transformers and an overall look at my career in film design! Check it out! And let them know if you 'digg it' ,overall it was a very nice piece. There was no ILM art department in LA, it was the LA art department they sent me down to, and plenty of great artists there who deserve just as much credit, namely Ben Procter, Paul Ozzimo, Ed Natividad, Feng Zu, Tony Kieme, Ryan Church, James Clyne and more! Great work guys! They were responsible for the bulk of the design work of the robots.
I've got another month of Sketch of the day ready to scan in. I also hope I responded to anyone who emailed me recently, if not please forgive me and buzz me again.
I hope you all enjoyed Transformers, it was a fun, fast paced ride for sure. A little bit on the silly side for my tastes, but it worked in context. I saw it opening night with my family and a full house of TF fans who all seemed to eat it up with a cheer. My wife and #1 fan made sure that my credit was duely noted throughout the theater at the end.... thanks babe.
Oh and here's that Sub attack pic a little better resolution for ya.

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