Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22....My Birthday!

I'm getting old-er. But It's all good, and I thank God for each day I get. He's blessed me with so much, that it would be a slap in His face not to. So on this day I'd like to thank my wife, my parents, my lil' bro and big sis and my friends and Co-workers here in California and my friends in other parts of the U.S. as well as my friends overseas, Like Michael, Lucas and Steffi in Germany! Thanks for all your birthday wishes!
So to celebrate, here is some more sneak peaks at the march Sketch of the Day and some other work-in-progress! -Enjoy!

Above is the 'sketch' and below is the Work-in progress painting....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 20th

Hello again, it's been a busy week. Spent half the weekend doing taxes...yippee! Anyway, I finally finished off a sketch I did when I was testing a WACOM Cintiq tablet a few weeks ago. I gotta get me one of those! It's been around, we tested one a few years ago and I didn't like the lag and the feel of the old ones, but this new one was awesome, even had felt pen tips to simulate the feel of a marker or pen. They aren't cheap, $2500 but it is a monitor and a wacom tablet, and being able to draw right on the screen is the closest to drawing on paper!
I just finished a cool freelance job for a racing team doing the graphics for their cars and their logo. It was a blast :-)
Hope you enjoy this piece and I'll have more soon!
thanks for lookin'
and think above and beyond!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I did this in response to the recent release
of the BMW M3 ‘Concept’ car. It was well...
a bit chunky looking. Although in person it looks a bit better. Anyway, I drummed
up this little ditty in about 30 minutes and
posted it it on the M3 forum :-P I felt that
the M3 deserved a bit more sleekness and
like most cars these days, it needed a diet. Although I am
a VW fan, the M3 has always been favorite
of mine.

So this was sketched in pen, scanned and
then tweaked a bit to fix some perspective
issues and then painted in photoshop.
-enjoy! -Alx

Sunday, March 11, 2007

OK, well It was a beautiful day here in SF. Pastor Terry at Cornerstone had a great messege this morning about the prayer of Jabez. Please check it out if you have the chance. Also check out the video section there. You'll find more of my non work related efforts in the past video productions.
OK, so artwork, well I've been working pretty consistantly on my sketch of the day for my website and I thought i might share a preview of March here on the blog. Below is March 2nd-4th, these are all raw unretouched sketches, no photoshop. So every line and every stroke are there for you to enjoy, or go 'ew, look at that bad elipse!' :-P They are all done on 3X5 cards with ball point pen and a 30% gray marker on some.
Anyway feel free to comment and enjoy!


Hello and welcome!
to the blog of Concept Designer and Art Director Alex Jaeger!
I just started this blog on 3.11.07 and hope to keep it updated as much as possible.
This is an extention of my main website. There you can view my work and credits, but here I'll be able to post daily updates, thoughts and so on, AND you'll be able to participate by making comments, asking questions or just saying hi!

So without further delay, let's blog....or what ever that means :-P

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