Wednesday, August 22, 2007

more cars....

Hey there, here are 2 more car sketches that are a little rougher than the ones in the previous post, but I think I like 'em the way they are. Both of these as well as the 'bull car' in the previous post were done entirely 'in the box' and no paper was harmed in the making of them :-P
So enjoy these as well.


Ming Lee said...

Liked your artwork. Keep me updated and posted. Cheers ;)


NOMBRE: Manu said...

He!!! looks soo cool i realy like you work man !!! keep it coming LOL
i took your idea of the pen and small pages for sketches and its realy confortabe to work like that P.d If you have the time can you look my work and tell me what you think please

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. You have any plans to make a gnomon dvd?

Alex Jaeger said...

thanks guys, glad you enjoy the work, I hope to be able to share more work in one form or another in the near future... stay tuned!


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