Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Latest release of the cover of the Art of Pacfic Rim book!

And this one features one of my concept art pieces from the film that was used as the main guide for the Hong Kong battle sequence by Industrial Light + Magic (ILM did the majority of the visual effects work on the film). Color, lighting, rain and atmosphere where all tweaked to get what Guillermo was going for as a style for the sequence. I started with a VERY rough pre-vis frame to match the shot perspective, then painted in the buildings, signs, Gipsy Danger, Kaiju (Otachi), rain and lighting effects, reflections, textures and damage, as well as the 'baseball bat oil tanker' in photoshop. Guillermo had me push the colors for this sequence to keep it different and fun. See the rest of the amazing artwork for this film in this book, including work from Ryan Drue and John Giang from ILM and all the great artists who worked in preproduction with Guillermo.
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(it's cheaper on Amazon, although they picture the stand in cover on the site)
-A. Jaeger

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spy Shot of a new JAEGERTECH mech popped up on Nuthin' But Mech!

This spy shot of the rumored update to JAEGERTECH's FRS-32r, shown here with "FRS-XX" on top, was posted on Nuthin' But Mech blog a few minutes ago. Judging by the faint 'Nuthin' But Mech Racing' logo on top I assume it's a publicity stunt. Either way it's our first look at the anticipated new model. I designed this late last year and it's great to see it up and running! I'm obligated not to tell you too much yet though. At first look you'll notice the addition of 2 additional legs that separates the 'XX' from the 32r. It seems to have lost a few inches in length and the signature carbon fiber split backbone in favor of the central strip. Also gone is the drop down cockpit instead opting for the side/top entry, but this time it looks like there's 2 doors for 2 pilots....hmmm, looks as if JAEGERTECH is introducing a co-driver position for the WRMR series possibly? :P  The rest of the forms are a bit hard to read in this optical distortion wrap but you can see it still looks to be in the same family as previous FRS models. No word or confirmation from JAEGERTECH yet on this photo, but I'm sure we'll hear or see something more official soon!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nuthin' But Mech: Imagine FX

Nuthin' But Mech: Imagine FX: Be sure to pick up the May 2013 issue of Imagine FX , which features contributors of the NBM blog: Alex Jaeger , Jan Urschel and Lorin Wood. We share out thoughts and inspirations on mech design!


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