Thursday, August 14, 2008

VW Golf MK6

In another recent announcement from VW late last week were the release photos of the new Golf (Rabbit/GTI in the U.S.). Of course I had to mess with it a bit, 'Jaeger' it out, so I did a quick p-chop job on it like I did with the Scirocco. Mainly changing the front end to be a bit (or a lot) more aggressive. Here's the original and then my version. I made sure to add in details from recent VW concepts to keep it 'in-the-family' but also added some touches from the Scirocco I did previously.
Wider and fuller front fender flares, changed the cut of the headlamps to a more chiseled edge, changed the slope and front cut of the hood, moved the VW badge from the grille to the hood like the Scirrocco, re-sculpted the bumper and made it deeper in the lower opening 'ala R32, widened the entire rear, turned the rear C-pillar into side air spoilers like on the GTI650 concept, Made the roof carbon fiber, deepen the side skirts, and of course tinted the windows and lowered it a bit :)

In VW's defense the photo they released is of the base model, so I'm sure the GTI version will look better, but I had to mess with it, it's in my blood ;-P Photo from VWVORTEX

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