Tuesday, October 21, 2008

in memory...Mark Buck

It is with a heavy heart that I recently heard that a co-worker of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to work. Mark Buck was a seasoned rider and was crossing 19th ave near SFSU when the accident happened, according to the report, which is still under investigation.
Mark Buck or "Buck" worked in the ILM modelshop, Skelington Productions and Kerner Optical (Previously ILM's modelshop). He was always a joy to work with and always greeted me with his signature drawn out "Allleeexxx!!". I had the pleasure of working with him on many shows and projects including Star Wars EP2, Mission: Impossible III and most recently Transformers. He also was a very talented artist and skilled builder. He even took time in between shows to illustrate children's books. He was one of those guys who may have looked like a scary brute to those who didn't know him, but was really a big gentle guy who loved what he did and was very easy to get along with. He was truely a humble, funny and positive spirited guy who will be greatly missed by myself and the rest of his co-workers and friends. Most of all by his family, of which I've only met a few times at some company parties, but Mark was always so eager to introduce us to. Mark was 41 years young and leaves behind his wife and 5 year old child.... please join me in praying for them through this horrible time for strength, support and massive amounts of love from surrounding friends and family.
May we remember him in thanks for the joy he brought us, ra ther than the swiftness of his absence.
Mark's IMDB
Mark's Guest Book if you wish to share a few words

For those who wish to leave monetary
condolences which the family suggests in
place of flowers please forward to:
Tom Van Deren
c/o Mary Ann Buck
521 Clubhouse Drive
Aptos, CA 95003

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