Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ye 'olde Pen Sketches from 1993

Hard to believe these sketches are that old already. These were done for a story I wrote back in college while attending CCS. It took place in Detroit in 2073 where C.Y.C.O. (CYbernetics Co.) was making advanced body modifications which then were used by gangs and so forth. The police had to counter the stronger gangs by mechanizing themselves in these power suits, created by who else.... JaegerTech :) So our hero, Sgt. Kyle Anderson is seen here wearing the JaegerTech bluesuit. Much like the Knight Sabers from Bubblegum Crisis it uses display readouts instead of clear glass visor. Each joint is powered by it's own flat-disc motor and the whole suite is powered by a near perpetual motion JaegerTech frictionless generator the size of a small frisbee. The whole story was going to be made into a comic book series but the company I was going to do it for vanished... It was also the start of me moving away from car design and into more concept design for stories.
Originals are ball point pen on 8.5x11 plain old Kinko's copy paper. Enjoy!

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