Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tank Subdivision Model (Work In Progress)

The front suspension arm complete with panel lines and intakes

The rear tires showing the segmented tread sections, these will be applied to the exterior later as a detail. The Drive bar for the hub-less system is in place. The center of the wheels will be open with the suspension system mounted on top of the drive bar when I'm through.
Here's the front tire with a temp tread pattern applied. I'll be making a custom texture for the tires and sidewall lettering.
Here you can see the more detailed barrel and turret in the background. I'll show more of those in the next post.
Here's some images of the Convoy tank model in progress. I've gone through most of the vehicle and added enough detail to sub divide the model now. The back half still needs to be detailed more and the rear hatch needs to be added. The barrel and turret are subdivided but need another level of detail yet. Keep checking back for further updates. If you have any questions please leave a comment or check out the DVD videos of this tank design being drawn at The Gnomon Workshops.


gcastro3d said...

That's looking really good Alex. How much experience do you have in 3d modeling?


Alex Jaeger said...

Thanks George, I'm relatively new to 3D at this level. Years ago I used 3D for basic poly modeling for animatics. But that's about it. Late last year I discovered Modo and it just felt right. And now I feel it's the right tool for me to realize some of my 2D designs in 3D. So this will be the most detailed model I've done ...so far :)


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