Friday, April 2, 2010

Gnomon Tank 3D start!

OK, so I'm going to try and build the Convoy Gaurd tank from my Gnomon DVDs in 3D using Luxology's MODO. Since I did the whole design in 2D, I want to go through the process building the 3D to show that I was thinking in 3D while I was designing it. Sure there will be a few areas I'll need to do some rethinking on but that's all part of the process too.
I'll start with the orthographics I made that are on the supplemental materials on the DVD. Thankfully they line up pretty well, so I don't have to do any resizing.

Next up I'll block in the wheels and major shapes. I'm going to approach this by building a proxy model, or low poly count model, just to get the basic layout down. Then once I finish that, I'll start detailing the proxy geom to full sub-divided high resolution model, but I'll get to that later.


gcastro3d said...

That's pretty cool Alex! I'm going to have to get the dvds to follow along. Keep it going!

God Bless,


HUNTBOT said...

The first DVD was great, getting ready to watch the second.. looking forward to seeing the 3d development.

Alex Jaeger said...

thanks guys, I glad you like em so far. I just posted more 3D of the proxy model.
hope you enjoy!


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