Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Axis W.I.P. #2

Here's an update on the progression of the Jaeger Axis in Modo. I've been refining some shapes and working on the way the back end comes together. I also upgraded to Modo 401, so I now have some wonderful new preset shaders and environments to work with. I've added under-wing diffusers and refined the 'wings' to the wheels a bit more. The headlights in these renders are just temp colored faces. The final lights will be different as will the pillars.
As I am still modeling the shaders and textures are just temp as well, but here's a nice metallic looking blue and red, as well as a brushed aluminum :)
enjoy, thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for updates!

1 comment:

HUNTBOT said...

menacing front view. awesome development and renders.


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