Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the JAEGER AXIS work in progress

Here's my second 3D model in Modo. The first one was a good basic starting point, but I thought this one would be more of a challenge:) The Jaeger Axis is a tandem 2 seat hydrogen powered car. There is a rough interior on this model to make sure it all fits, but just basics. I'm focusing on the exterior design at the moment. Mainly I had the original design drawing, but I really wanted to see this thing from other angles to make sure it worked. So here's what I have so far. I've made a few minor alterations from the drawing, but so far I'm pretty happy that it's all working and looking cool in 3D. (it means my 3D thinking when drawing it is still working :)
And of course the Axis is made by Jaeger Tech Design :P
enjoy, and let me know what you think so far!
-think above and beyond!


Andrew Glazebrook said...
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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very slick design and modelling work on this !! Does it come in Blue ? :)
Is that bottom pic a toon type render or a concept pic ?

Alex Jaeger said...

Yes actually the last image is the concept drawing, not 3d at all. So I guess it's pretty close :)

jeromoo said...

Hey Alex! I looked you up and found your blog! Cool! I see that you've experimented with Modo. I need to try it one day. The design look like an animal ready to pounce and almost crab-like too. I would like to see it in action. Will you animate it next? ;)

Anonymous said...

Why use MoDO over Maya or Max modeling?

Alex Jaeger said...

I use Modo because I like the interface and modo is easy to learn, also it's Way cheaper than Maya and I use a Mac. So Modo is the cheapest, fastest and most complete package for my needs.
I will probably do an animation of this car once it's done just to practice the animation and rendering tools on Modo.

Anonymous said...

Cool man I'll have to try it out too although I was trying to learn modeling in Maya right now:)


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