Thursday, May 14, 2009

new local-Motors contest entry

I did this REALLY quick!, like 1 and a half hours quick. I wasn't going to enter because of lack of time, but I had a moment free after work while waiting for a screening of Star Trek :)(which is really cool BTW) and got inspired. It's not my best work, but it's all i had time for with the new baby and work. About the design:The Woodward CCS was the outcome. This contest is to design a car for the revival of Detroit, something that could serve multiple purposes for a wide range of entrepreneurs and city tasks. Named after the main artery Street through Detroit, Woodward Ave, this design was meant to have a customizable cargo space. From a simple cargo van, to a taxi, police cruiser, rescue, construction, delivery and personal family use. See my design here. Check out the other entries as well while you're there. Congrats to Dmytro Zyubyairov a.k.a. "Carbofos" for winning this competition with his beautifully rendered Michigan design. I came in 18th out of 62, not bad, but not great either. Stay tuned for future competitions and be ready to vote!


Ari said...

"Designed for the revival of Detroit", gives me shivers! So exciting. Will vote :)

HUNTBOT said...

The UPS version looks awesome, like an armored vehicle. Also, Star Trek rocked!

Justin Miller said...


Cool stuff. Do I see a bit of Luigi Colani influence in there?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Awesome design work !!


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