Monday, June 2, 2008

Go see THE!

WOW, I usually don't recommend films but I can't believe that this film hasn't been widely released! The Fall is an amazing fairy tale that will make you remember the whole point of film making... a beautiful art form in which to tell a tale with drama, humor, sadness and breath taking visuals! Not to mention the most honest acting performances by the 2 lead characters, one of which is a 5 year old girl. I'm confused as to why the movie was rated R, because it's not as violent as many PG-13 movies and it has a beautiful redemptive story line. So go search it out, and try and see it on a big screen if you can. It took nearly 4 years to complete it and was shot in 18 different countries around the world, that's right, no blue screens!
Don't read the so called 'critics' reviews, their inner child must be dead, because this movie has heart and a vivid imagination and is a film lovers film, not a shallow popcorn flick like most films these days. I've seen it twice now, and my wife has seen it three times. It is a joy the second and third time because you get to pick up other details you missed the first time.
Go see it and let me know what you thought!
check out the clip "I'm touching one" for a little taste!
The Fall Trailer and clips!


jeramy sossaman said...

alright, alright, alright....i'll go see it! :-)

DESIGNOVA Creative said...

Saw it the day it came out here in NC... I'd spent all the time I could seeking out clips and anything about the production of the film, just because, as you said, it's just so amazingly beautiful! Also, if nothing else, the girl's performance is worth the price of admission alone. She's tremendous.


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