Monday, March 12, 2007

I did this in response to the recent release
of the BMW M3 ‘Concept’ car. It was well...
a bit chunky looking. Although in person it looks a bit better. Anyway, I drummed
up this little ditty in about 30 minutes and
posted it it on the M3 forum :-P I felt that
the M3 deserved a bit more sleekness and
like most cars these days, it needed a diet. Although I am
a VW fan, the M3 has always been favorite
of mine.

So this was sketched in pen, scanned and
then tweaked a bit to fix some perspective
issues and then painted in photoshop.
-enjoy! -Alx

1 comment:

Michael Thyssen said...

Hi Alex, great Style from your Side and good Picture from the M3 :)....Volkswagen Fan :)
Michael Thyssen, Germany


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