Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ready Player One Art!

After a lot of legal clearance, I finally got permission to post some of my work from my 3 years on Ready Player One. I played a new role on this film as I was working for the Studio (WB and Amblin) as "Virtual Production Concept Design Supervisor". What that means is I was working directly with Adam Stockhausen the award winning Production Designer to help manage and design the world of RPO and mainly the Oasis. In that role I served as a supervisor of the Virtual Art Department which mainly consisted of artists from Digital Domain who ran the virtual sets and motion capture, and ILM and other freelance concept artists to visualize the extensive worlds in detail before any actors arrived on set. I continued on as VFX art director along with Steve Tappin on the ILM side to see through to final completion of all the 90 minutes of full CG Oasis scenes by ILM.
       For a microscopic taste of this, I'll start with vehicles, which was one of the first jobs assigned to me by Adam. Although I did many, many vehicles for this film, due to 3rd party license issues I can only show what I got cleared. But the other vehicles you can see in the film I can't show right now are: The Mach 5, I did a modern upgrade to this icon as a personal vehicle for Daito and what I would've preferred the Mach 5 looked like in a modern film. The Mad Max interceptor, also mild upgrade including hidden thrusters in the rear gas tanks. And of course Aech's main ride the Bigfoot monster truck, also customized to his/her tastes and size. Below are the final illustrations for the IOI stock car racer. Based on NASCAR, but given a bit of a plain, but menacing corporate branding and armor to fit with IOI's over all aesthetic in the film.

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