Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The 'Old Axolotl' robot character designs in 3D!

The awesome chaps at Platige Images sent me the 3D prints of my robot designs from the ebook 'The Old Axolotl' look closely, they even included my signature! buy the ebook and you can print these too! Now available in English on Amazon. These are 'Startrooper' and 'Al-Asar'. Startrooper is a contemporary industrial robot, inhabited with a human 'download' and Al-Asar is a 1000 years advanced robot with a formless head that displays emotions when needed and is described as if it was made from cinnabar, a translucent red stone...

1 comment:

Banzai88 said...

Wow those turned out really great!

Check out my 1:1 AT-RT I made and debuted at Celebration Anaheim.

No need to publish this if you choose ;)


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