Friday, February 15, 2013

Pacfic Rim Art of Book!

5 months to go still until the unleashing of giant 'kaiju' vs 'Jaeger' battles of Pacific Rim, but the marketing machine is starting to stomp it's way into action. Amazon has posted a pre-order for 'Pacific Rim: Man, Machines and Monsters' . I'm sure there will be some of my artwork as well as the many other very talented artists involved in building this full Del Toro world.
not mine but cool!

Sure to be full of artwork, behind the scenes and post-production work, this book is the start of many PacRim items sure to be lining your (and mine) selves. :)
   Recently they showed some toys by NECA, and announced that Sideshow will also be making highly detailed versions.

So sit back and let the 12 year old inside of you be ready for epic-ness from the master, Guillermo Del Toro.
Also check in on the 'Pan Pacific Defense Corps' site for more sitings and info. And join the PacRim facebook page to get the latest!


Banzai88 said...

Got the book on pre-order. Just one question; the mechs are called Jaegers?!? How did that happen?

Alex Jaeger said...

as much as I would love to say the are named after me, it's just (as GDT said) "biblical!" that I got to work on the show. I can't say more than that right now. It's explained in the movie. But it's still a pretty cool name for the Mechs :P. Thanks for writing and for pre-ordering the book, I hope it's got lots of ILM artwork in there!

Banzai88 said...

I'd still tell everyone they ARE named after you haha!


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