Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post Comic Con Reflections

Now that things are settling down a bit after the San Diego Comic Con, I'd like to thank Lorin Wood and Scott Robertson for letting me join the signing session at the Design Studio Press booth for the Nuthin' but Mech book. The book was a HUGE hit! It sold so fast that they had to hold back a box on Friday so we would have something to sign on Saturday. Those sold quickly and were all gone before the end of the signing. You can purchase it on-line through DSP or Amazon in a few days (August).

     Also thanks to Jen, Greg, Nak and Miles for setting us up with the ILM Art Department booth. It was a hit as well and many stopped by to tell us we should always be there :)

     And thanks to those of you that were there and stopped by, and those who bought some of the JAEGERTECH prints I had for sale, as well as the Gnomon DVD's. Thanks!  I do have a few prints left over that I will be offering for sale soon, as well as some new ones. I still need to work out the details what store formate to use yet, but stay tuned! In the mean time if you are interested in a print just email me and I'll give you the info.
     The Pacific Rim trailer footage was a MASSIVE hit as well! It's definitely on people's radar now and it even out shined the Man of Steel, Hobbit and Ironman 3 panels! So cudos to Guillermo Del Torro and the hardworking crew at ILM for that! I even met Hugo Martin who did the initial designs of many of the 'Jaegers' and even the teaser poster. Awesome job Hugo!

     And Finally, a great big thanks to all of you that helped fund the SILVERCORD Kickstarter project! We went from less than half (16,000) with 2 days to go to fully funded (40,000) with 17 hours to go! Amazing! And now we'll get to working on that second book asap!

    Thanks again everyone for a successful and fun Comic Con, and I hope to see you there next year!
keep living Above and Beyond!

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Banzai88 said...

Great meeting you Alex. Thanks again for signing the helmets and the ATRT/GM pix for me. I hope to get that google doc going soon! Enjoying Silvercord book 1 so far and looking forward to book 2. See ya at SDCC 2013 and I hope ILM makes it there from now on--was the highlight for me!


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