Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silver Cord

The Silver Cord is a project I worked on many years ago with WIRED 'maverick' Kevin Kelly and other great artists from PIXAR, ILM, Phil Tippet, EA and other great creative companies. We got together nearly 8 years ago to craft a story about the afterlife and wanted to shed all pre-conceived ideas of what the 'angel realm' might be like. Together with some sci-fi technology and plenty of imagination we managed to weave together a rich complex world of 'other realms' that exist along side our own. We designed new worlds, characters and ideas that you can now see and read...FOR FREE! That's right, you can go right now to silver-cord.net and read the entire first 214 page graphic novel on-line. Or if you are old school and like to have a paper copy you can order one from amazon createspace for $30.
     The most immediate news is we now need your help to finish the second and final 210 page book. So as of today the Silvercord Kickstarter page is up for you to be a part of the second installment! Please help us reach our goal of $40,000 to help get the second book made so you can finish the story with us!
thanks and I hope you enjoy the 1st book... above and beyond!


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