Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Farewell Father

After a courageous battle with Alzheimer's, the ugly disease robbed my physically healthy dad of his mental functions until his brain forgot how to operate it's own body.
At age 79, the man known to most as Dr. Jaeger or George, and to me as dad, passed away early this morning. He was a gentle giant, a quiet authority, a humble man of God and a willing servant to his fellow man. His death ended an amazing 42 years of marriage to my mom, who I know will miss him dearly. He was father to 3 surviving children, my sister, myself and my brother. He was also fortunate enough to be the grandfather to 4 grand children, 2 from my sister and 2 from me, although Flynn was too recent to meet in person they did have a brief FaceTime call after Fynn's birth.
Not many people these days can say they were blessed with amazing parents, but thanks in part to my dad I can.
Thanks for your continuing prayers. If you feel lead to give or help, we ask that you donate to Clarion Forest VNA Hospice, First Baptist Church, of Clarion PA or the Alzheimer’s Association.

farewell dad, I press on knowing that you are now whole again and rest with Jesus in perfect clarity and awareness.
Love to you above and beyond

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