Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 30th Empire!

It's been 30 years since the Empire Stuck back against our rebel friends on the ice fields of Hoth, so in celebration, here's my tribute in the form of 'Entrenched' from Star Wars Visionaries from Darkhorse comics. Done all in markers and marker inks, old school style, for the old school king of all sci-fi films, The Empire Strikes Back!  See the rest of the story in the full comic. Also here is a drawing I did back in '82-83 in crayon and water color. If you look closely in the bottom corner you can see a little red 'OK'..... that's a stamp from George Lucas that he stamped on there while I was working on EP3. ;)



Mathias said...

A long way, you have come :) great to see comic related work from you. You are so diverse.
So, who is the other artist in the last image, clearly is says "By ... & Alex"!

Alex Jaeger said...

haha, oh yeah, My sister Ericka did the lettering on the picture, so she signed it as well.


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