Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gnomon DVDs are finally out!!

The wait is over! Today Gnomon announced the official press release of my Vehicle Design DVDs
So please go check it out available in both hard copy DVD or digital downloa


Also for those who buy the sessions, I'll be covering some follow up on building the Tank in 3D using Modo here on my blog. So check em out and then check back here for more updates!
thanks and I hope you are able to learn something from them!
God Bless


DARAF said...

Watchin it right now, great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

gcastro3d said...

These look great Alex!

Would you categorize them as intermediate level dvds or pretty advanced?

Alex Jaeger said...

Hey guys, thanks for your interest. I would say these are advanced from the standpoint of how much of the process is covered, but I think it's applicable to any skill set or talent. It's not so over your head for beginners but also not so basic as to bore more advanced artists. As the focus is on the design fitting a story and not so much about the technique.


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