Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Best Creation Yet!

On March 29th at 7:15pm my 1st child, my son Venice Paul Jaeger was born!
He was a healthy 7lbs 13oz and a tall 20.5 inches long. Both he and mom are doing great and Venice is now a week and 2 days old. He's an awesome perfect bundle of joy, a perfect gift from God, an amazing blessing to our already happy family.
I thank you all for your prayers and support during the pregnancy and birth and I also thank God for the amazing health of both him and my wife throughout.
It has been an experience 'above and beyond' my wildest dreams, and I know (from lack of sleep) that the journey has just begun :-)
God Bless!
And I present to you Venice Paul Jaeger!


Matthew Scheuerman said...

Alex, just started following your blog. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!

Venice! What a cool name!

We are about 4 months away from having our 2nd child so I know what you're going through. In a split second you can't imagine your life without the little one. Now that you have this perfect little creation that you and your wife have brought into the world it gives you such great perspective. It really does make you a better man and a better artist.

Good luck! Take thousands of photos! BTW I highly recommend getting a TON of baby Einstein DVD's and the Baby Can Read DVD pack with cards. Really helpful stuff.

Fernando Acosta said...

Hi Alex,

I like the name as well! My congratulations to both you, your wife and the newborn!!!!

I've been a long time follower and just wanted finally say hi and thanks for sharing.

Have fun!!

jeramy sossaman said...

congrats dude! so happy for you both.

DESIGNOVA Creative said...

The most epic of congratulations sir- it simply does not get bigger or better than this.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A superb creation indeed !!
Bizarrely I know two other people who look uncannily like you !! You're not a clone are you !?


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