Friday, March 6, 2009

The Journey back into 3D with Modo

3D sculpting for overall form...
re-topology for a clean mesh and clean lines...
starting some details, like wheels...

I say 'back' into 3D because I never really left 3D, I just allowed it to be used to a certain point. I used to be fluent in such programs like Form Z and Electric Image. I used them for modeling and animation for animatics and layout. Then getting busy at work and having people who specialize in such aspects take over for a while, the 3D world for me became just a blocking and perspective guide for the most part. I mainly built rough models in Google Sketchup for blocking, never to be used in the artwork except for getting some quick perspective underlays or shading cues. Then there was the stigma of 'if you did it in 3D then you're cheating'! Recently (meaning several years ago) there has been a huge move for designers to use 3D for full blown concept models and artwork. It used to be that designers would just design, and modelers would just model, and that is still the case in some places. Although Maya has been around for a long time and I've been exposed to it for just as long, it always seemed out of reach if you weren't 1. rich and 2. using it everyday in every way and 3. a tech head with math variables floating in your head. Artists by nature tend to shy away from things that involve too many numbers and technical data, and that's where Maya lost me.
Thankfully things have changed a bit, and I too have embraced the new motto "it doesn't matter 'HOW' you get there, just use the best tool for the job"! AKA, if you can explain your idea better and possibly quicker in 3D then go for it! Plus most if not all design students are taught a 3D package of some sort in school these days, so it's good to keep up!
So one tool that has crossed my path recently is Modo from Luxology. It's a great all around 3D package that has it all and is accessible both in price (around $800 for the full package) and it's usability. I've only been using it for a few weeks now and am on my way to feeling very comfortable back in the world of 3D. It has a great modeling structure and the renderer is super fast! So you'll be seing more 3D designs from me soon, I'll even share some of the progress along the way. I started with one of my designs that I thought would be a good start and a challenge. So here's my progress after just a few hours with my VW super coupe and watching the concept car demo from Modo's own down loadable demos.
Enjoy and God Bless!
think above and beyond!
original design drawing
quick slap of materials to see the surface reaction to reflections.


Chris Bonura said...

Inspirational man! Modo looks really cool, I'll have to see if I can find a demo.

Justin Miller said...


Looks cool. Don't give up the markers though! I still like sto see hand drawn conceptuals too.


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