Friday, December 19, 2008

Karmann Ghia dreamin'

I'd LOVE for VW to revive the Karmann Ghia, but this time as a mid-engine coupe. The rear deck vents would feed the mid-mounted engine (2.0T or bigger) and would pop up like a 911 at speed and retract to be flush with the rear window. It could use the adjustable ASC from the New Scirocco and the magnetic suspension from the RS4 to allow adjustable ride and handling levels. Anyway here's my stab at keeping the great lines of the old Ghia, just bringing it up to date. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice work... That must've been fun to do! Hey if Local Motors ever decides to do a nostalgic/import competition; you should go for it! Btw I'm sure you've got some cabriolet idea sketches too. It'd probably be a shame to take away that nice panoramic roof though. Thanks for the inspiration, please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

that's beautiful. great work.


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