Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh yeah, you guessed it, I did that! :-P
After over a year and a half of work, the new JJ Abram's Star Trek is done and I had the pleasure to work on many of the designs. One design in particular is the Police Officer's face mask in the latest trailer. I also served as the visual effects Art Director for the film, but that's about all I can say until it comes out in May 2009.... yeah I know, but I have to wait too!... :-\
For now enjoy the latest trailers and Happy Thanksgiving!


jeramy sossaman said...

wow! so cool! well done....i can't wait to see it and say, "I KNOW THE GUY THAT DESIGNED THAT"...really loud in the theater....just wait, i'll do it.

Ariel Alvarez said...

It's awesome to see the great designs that you and the people at ILM come up with on the big screen. Always an inspiration for me to continue my career in concept art!

James O'Shea said...

That's effin amazing Alex! I was wondering who designed that cool looking Police officer and now I know, ..so who designed the environments that were featured in the trailer, ryan church/james clyne/nathan schroeder? just curious ;P Oh yea and you're the reason why I picked up The Fall DVD, and it is quite breathtaking to say the least. I was convinced and I had to order it right away.

Thanks for posting your demos and sketches here. I really appreciate the depth of coverage of what you show and give back to us aspiring concept artists.

may I link your blog to mine?

gcastro3d said...

great design Alex!

Anonymous said...

Hallo " Spritzer " :),
auch ich werde im Kino sitzen und laut mit Lucas rufen: Den kennen wir, der das gemacht hat :) !
Wird uns wieder keiner glauben aber das kennen wir ja schon :)

HUNTBOT said...

The police officer and his bike look so sweet, can't wait to see the rest of the movie! Great work.

Vaughan Ling said...

wow!! congrats!


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