Friday, November 2, 2007


Hey there, wow, it's November already!? Well, here's piece I did recently that started out as a doodle. Basically a retro inspired streamlined racer. I love those old open top racecars and the graphics in that era. All 'in the box' and straight to to you. I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Nice work! At first glance it reminded me of Racer X's car from Speed Racer.
Been checking out your blog for a while now, and have even used some of your renderings as wallpapers here at work (Rhythm & Hues).
Thanks for posting this stuff for us to check out!

Alex Jaeger said...

Thanks Sean!
Yeah actually I had thought of making it yellow for the racer X effect, but didn't want it to be a what-if design, just an drawing. But i would love to be working on the Speed Racer film, I think it'll be fun.
Thanks again!

Tuan Hoang said...

great work Alex

Eric Emard said...

definitely worthy of speed racer.. your work is very inspiring. thanks for posting:):):)


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