Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bebop Road update #2 Red Tail!

Just fleshed out a sketch / rendering of what a road-going version of Faye Valentine'sRed Tail might look like. How about a 3 wheeled cafe racer gun trike! Complete with full tilt steering and duel multichamber cannons, the Red Tail is equiped for the life of a renegade bounty hunter. I still need to flesh it out in 3d a bit more a d prep it for 3d printing yet, so stay tuned for more!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Introducing Bebop Road

Bebop Road is a fun personal project of a 'what if' Cowboy Bebop took place on Earth and all the spaceships were cars. And a group of road weary bounty hunters traveled the open road in search of their next meal ticket in some dope wheels. First to get the wheeled treatment is Jet Black's Hammerhead tow truck. A beefy yet slick duelly tow vehicle that fits Jets personality to a T. I'm designing these in 2d and 3D using Modo fusion and then 3D printing them at a decent scale on a Snapmker 350. Enjoy the updates and please pass it on to all your anime and sci-fi loving friends! see ya road cowboy....

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Thanks to Aaron McBride, an amazing artists and art director, I was able test the waters of the whole 'NFT' world on Foundation. I decided to make my 1st piece (Gyro's Encounter) a snippet from a story I've been cooking up for a while. I'll explain more about that later. I also dropped another piece (JAEGERTECH FRS-32 R), one of the 1st JAEGERTECH mechs I designed for Nuthin' But Mech. Still learning all about this strange new world, while I am aware of the controversies some people see in it, it's also one of the few places that gives digital art some credibility as art, and there's A LOT of super talented master artists out there who only work digital now. So we'll see how this goes, but thanks for your support in my journey and I hope this will lead to more personal story art as well. Cheers! -Alx

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

More sketches from the couch

I think there was some russian interference on this one :P

Friday, October 23, 2020

Sketches to iPad renderings

Lately I've been taking a bunch of my ball point pen sketches and painting them up in Procreate on an iPad Pro and an apple pen. The latest batch has ranged from wierd truck-like things to autonmous race cars and other craft. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Another trucky type thingy!

ballpoint pen sketch, painted up in Procreate on Ipad pro.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Some Mad Max fun

So I thought Id play around with a modded Mad Max interceptor in different paint schemes. So for starters I did it up in the basic MFP (Main Force Patrol) livery of the lesser interceptors from the 1st film.
next I thought I'd blend another favorite film into the mix and did a Last Starfighter livery version. Giving Alex Rogan and 'Mad' new ride😁. The Death Blossom 84! Victory or death!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

This has to be said...

With all that's going on the world, one place that should remain the domain of free expression is Art, and film is a form of Art. So I'll let this video sum up my feelings on the matter because things are getting out of hand, and sane, rational people need to realize what's happening...

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

More Ready Player One Art

Continuing with the cleared Ready Player One art, here's a look at more vehicles I worked on for the film. Some made it into the film as is, others (like the hover bike and Thundertank) were victims of time and budget.
   First off are some paint variations on a generic Indy car to fill the Pole Position-like racers in the New York race sequence. These variations were chosen to add a pop of color amongst the sea of gray and black IOI cars. Not all of these were seen in the final sequence.

Next up is some early concepts for the Race sequence. These were based on some early rough story boards and Adam wanted to see what fun gaming aspects we could add including playing with gravity, folding the city adding ramps, traps, barriers and even King Kong to show that it's not so much player vs player, but player vs the track!

The Thundertank from Thundercats was one of the first things Adam gave me as design treat. The goal was to imagine the thunder tank as if it was designed by Lamborghini. It was cut early on as the story beat it was featured in changed. The IOI Hover Bike was initially designed by Ryan Church, but Adam wanted a smaller, more streamlined version to match our current IOI corporate theme. Using the basis of Ryan's design I revamped the bike to a much smaller and more speederbike-like complete with air brakes and directional thrusters. Spielberg loved this design and even commented he want to make a toy out of it! But it too was victim to a beat change to the end sequence and it was dropped. :(

Of course there's Art3mis's bike from Akira. This main design was based on a sketch by artists from Framestore and then fleshed out by myself and ILM and then spent countless versions on decals and placements to get the right balance and fulfill the licensors and Adam and Spielberg's desires.


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